Codebringers are passionate about creating great, innovative apps for the current and future generations of mobile software users.

We are a new-born company with a very small but talented team. Codebringers Software – as it is legally called – was founded in the year 2012 and it is currently established in Eastern Europe in the beautiful country of Romania.

Our biggest love and passion is coding – that’s why we are called Codebringers. And there is a greater satisfaction for us when we deliver our biggest passion in a beautifully crafted package – an app, to you, the user who uses our Apps.

We are continuously looking, exploring and dreaming for the best and most useful ways to help the humankind expand its visions. We strive to deliver digital tools that could really matter and change the human race for the better.

Codebringers is all about software. We love to innovate and create the most useful, best looking and easiest to use apps.

Delivering the best Apps isn’t just a must – it’s deeply and genetically embedded in our DNA.
Our goals are plain and simple: Innovate and be the best in every field or uncharted territory we choose to enter.