Get ready for the largest IPO in tech history by owning the mantra of hackers everywhere!

Facebook’s recent S-1 filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission reveals how the 3000+ current Facebook employees talk. There are at least five places in the filing—four of which are in a letter from founder Mark Zuckerberg—in which outsiders are let in on company lingo. One of their favorite sayings is:

“Code Wins Arguments”

“Hacking is an inherently hands-on and active discipline. Instead of debating for days whether a new idea is possible or what the best way to build something is, hackers would rather just prototype something and see what works. There’s a hacker mantra that you’ll hear a lot around Facebook offices: “Code wins arguments.” – Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook founder (S-1 filing)

We thought this Code Wins Arguments T-shirt project would be great and engaging way for us to introduce our teen-aged children to the principles of business this spring and summer linked to something they use in their digital lifestyle everyday – Facebook!