The core security chip adopts the global highest security Level CC EAL5 + design, it is a safe and steady smart lock drive products.
USB storage area can be divided into different functions partitions depending on users’ requirements, such as: virtual CDROM partition, password storage partition, API call private partition. And the hardware supports multi-security algorithm, the keys never out of encryption lock; Global unique ID; chip internal tamper-proof, RAM/Flash data encryption; hardware bus data encryption to prevent electron detection tools.

Encryption Functions:
     Adopting CC EAL5 + Smart Card technology, it with high safety performance.

     Security space capacity can up to 64K (standard 32KB), supports standard C language programming, and software code can be "transplanted" into encryption lock to execute..

     Built-in standard security algorithms (RSA, DES and 3DES, SHA-1).
     The built-in hardware fits FIPS 140 standard hardware true random number generator.

     Smart lock drive software protect the storage of internal data system and security mechanisms 100% compatible with all functions of the smart card, and completely meet the application software systems for the needs of electronic identity control and management.

     Smart lock drive internal hardware provides international recognized high security symmetric algorithm 3DES, and contains hardware algorithm accelerator, and can make real-time encryption and decryption for a considerable amount of data.

     USB drive hidden area can provide file system management API mode or data read and write API mode for easy operate manage files or read and write operations self-defining data in a hidden area:
     File System Mode: fully self-developed file system format, transparently encrypt and decrypt the file data without leaving any traces, it can prevent the system or hard disk data analysis tools to identify the file data and also can be used as copy protection hidden files partition.
     Data Read-write Mode: Reading and writing self-defining data according to the sectors address, such as saving data to achieve the electronic authentication identity control and management.

     Completely compatible with the ordinary SMARTIV encryption lock function, and no need to modify the original encryption scheme.

Secure Storage Functions
     USB drive can be realized CDROM area, security area (password area), hidden area, public area (normal storage area) and etc multi-partitions flexible applications.

     The multi-partitions of USB drive can be achieved write protection. (ie: security area, public area with read-only attribute).

     USB drive storage space can up to 64 GB, providing users with rich choices.

     USB drive FLASH chip all adopts A-grade MLC or SLC memory chips.

     USB drive encryption lock complies with USB 2.0 high speed standard, the speed faster 35% than the similar USB drive. (For SLC chip, the speed can be improved 300%, wear leveling time extends 10 times longer.)