The Institute for Scientific information on Coffee (ISIC) is a non-for-profit organization founded in 1990, devoted to the study and disclosure of science related to coffee and health.

ISIC's activities are focused on:-
1) The study of scientific matters related to coffee and health
2) The collection and evaluation of studies and scientific information about coffee and health
3) The support of independent scientific research on coffee and health
4) Active dissemination of balanced coffee and health scientific evidence and knowledge to a broad range of stakeholders.

All ISIC-sponsored publications must clearly identify ISIC as sponsor
ISIC members are seven of the major European coffee companies: illycaffè, Mondelez International, Lavazza, Nestle, Paulig, DE Master Blenders 1753 and Tchibo.

ISIC has embarked on a pan-European education programme, working in partnership with national coffee associations in 9 countries