Javita has revolutionized the Coffee and weight loss industry Javita has combined the the best of both worlds by  creating  the first of its  kind Weight Loss Coffee. Be one of the first to be in on this trend while transforming your finances with a rewarding coffee business. Coffee next to water is the second most consumed commodity in the world. This is why Javita is the biggest trend for 2013.  Javita Coffee operates worldwide, now is the time to get started with our company. If you have tried Organo Gold then have a look at the ground floor potential of an explosive opportunity.,

Coffee, it’s one of the most widely recognisable and consumed beverages in the world and as a commodity, virtually everybody on the planet knows what coffee is.  This beverage transcends cultural, economic and geographical boundaries worldwide.To say there’s an existing market for coffee today is an understatement.
Global coffee consumption is second only to water.
That said, on the surface it’s seem like coffee would be the perfect product to combine with a solid MLM business plan and that’s exactly what the new MLM startup ‘Javita’ hopes to accomplish.

To provide the reader with some history,  Javita's Coffee company is an offshoot of a seven year old MLM company Waiora, based in Boca Raton, Florida.
Javita Coffee Company is creating a frenzy in the coffee business with their Burn and Control weight loss coffee. Over two years of blending and taste tasting went into the development of Javita. We started with premium South American Arabica and Robusta coffee beans and blended a smooth, perfectly balanced coffee.  This makes healthy coffee for you infused with herbs and antioxidants. Take the weight loss challenge today with Javita. This coffee is one of the best tasting coffee's when compared to other companies.

If you drink coffee anyways from Tim Hortons or Starbucks, then why not try healthy coffee for weight loss or for energy and mind. Javita brings two major game changing trends to the industry with this new product in weight loss and direct selling. Coffee has proven itself for over 300 years.

Javita a coffee that tastes great infused with powerful and healthy herbs,  this beverage  is great for you! Its simple and easy, forget the shakes and pills, now you can do your regular coffee drinking and shed those pounds and if you are into business building, then Javita has a dynamic and lucrative unilevel compensation plan that pays out weekly.

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