Owners, Chris and Sherry Maw, provide an entertaining, free weekly publication full of fun content.  Coffee News® was designed as an alternative to expensive, traditional print advertising offering their client exclusivity on a single page piece where their ads are on the front and the back...never lost in the middle, with only 32 ads, visibility is maximized and readers are naturally exposed more frequently.

With four editions available across Columbia (Capitol / Downtown, Shandon / Southeast, Northeast / Blythewood, and Forest Acres / Dentsville) Coffee News® currently reaches over 21,000 readers per week.

Advertisers reap benefits unseen from other newspaper advertising, from Coffee News'® unique publication and monthly contest, which is so very popular among  the many that read Coffee News® each week.

Coffee News® was designed to help local businesses get MORE CUSTOMERS. There are SPECIFIC techniques employed by Coffee News® to ensure the advertisers' message reaches thousands of people every week - in their community. These principles are built-in to every aspect of Coffee News® - content, layout and distribution. Through research and experience, Coffee News® knows what works. Coffee News® was designed with this knowledge and expertise in mind.  Coffee News® is affordable enough for businesses to run their ad every week, month after month, so their business develops a strong, well-known brand in their community.

When businesses choose to advertise in Coffee News® they get more than just space in the Coffee News publication. They get to yield the results of over 22 years of marketing and advertising research and experience from all over the world as well the experience of our owner & publisher that has advertising & marketing experience working with large, medium and small businesses throughout the Greater Columbia area. Advertisers get to team up with a business with one goal in mind… to help them develop an effective marketing message and deliver their message to potential customers who live, work and spend money in the communities that are MOST IMPORTANT to their business. Getting advertisers' message to as many of the right people as possible is the heart of what Coffee News'® staff does on a daily basis.