Coffee Travel Club is a Nashville, Tennessee based firm that offers an affordable, small and lightweight “Coffee Travel Kit” for business travelers. Their kit includes everything you need to make a fresh, hot cup of coffee or other beverage while on the road - anywhere, anytime you want one!

Available at CoffeeTravelClub.com, the kit features a washable zippered carrying case, a collapsible leak-proof / spill-proof 12-oz. travel mug plus heat-proof coozie, and a 700-watt heating coil that boils water in just 2 minutes.

The key benefit to business travelers is they can enjoy that all-important first cup of coffee in the morning - in the convenience of their hotel room - without having to shower, get dressed, and go downstairs to the lobby.

What's more, the company states that travelers should NOT use the in-room coffeemaker at their hotel or motel, for hygienic reasons.  They state that in most hotels, the coffee pot and the strainer get cleaned – but NOT the critical water-heating compartment of the machine. It often never sees the inside of a dishwasher, and in fact typically NEVER receives soap and water or even gets rinsed out!  So by drinking a cup of coffee made with that machine, you could also be ingesting a heaping helping of Salmonella, Enterococcus, Sphingobacterium and other strains of bacteria!

By using the washable, personal collapsible cup and heating coil found in the company's coffee-making kit, you can control what you ingest.  And, you can enjoy top-quality hot beverages anywhere you go - anytime you want them.

The company not only sells washable, personal coffee making equipment, they also sell high-quality micro-ground drip coffee for purists, as well as premium instant coffees, lattes, cappuccinos and hot chocolate from around the world, plus a full array of condiments.

Another benefit promoted by the company is budget savings. Many CEOs and CFOs are aware of the impact of their traveling employees buying $4 - $5 - even $6 or more hot beverages all day long while on the road. The company states that by giving each of your company's traveling sales people a Coffee Travel Kit, you can promise them an unlimited supply of their favorite beverages - while disallowing their $100+ monthly expense reports for take-out coffee.