CogniFrame Inc. is a machine learning, intelligent data analytics and predictive framework. It is a Cognitive as a Service (CaaS) based platform that uses machine learning algorithms to offer Autonomous real-time approval or rejection of loan applications leading to consistently optimal decisions besides driving profitable growth and operational cost savings for lenders on an ongoing basis. Its algorithms help predict delinquency probability of an applicant using historical patterns coupled with new data and outcomes that helps train the machine learning algorithms and improves its predictive ability over time. CogniFrame’s cognitive predictive engine is based on millions of recent historical credit applications and repayment data. CogniFrame detects patterns and anomalies based on certain predictor variables found in a borrower’s credit profile. CogniFrame can produce results with high accuracy with or without credit checks. Additionally, it is able to tailor decisions within the framework of corporate objectives such as reduction in delinquency, increasing loan volumes, etc.