Cohesion is a privately held software and services company founded in 2003 with offices in Silicon Valley and Massachusetts. The company is an SAP channel partner for the SAP Business All-in-One and SAP BusinessObjects™ solutions.  Cohesion serves enterprise customers in North America, Europe and Asia.
- Pre-packaged & Preconfigured SAP Business All-in-One Solutions
    - Life Sciences (Medical Devices, Pharmaceuticals & Biotech)
    - GreenTech (Smart Metering & Industrial Machinery and Components)
- Authorized SAP partner providing strategic ERP consulting services
- SAP  ERP, CRM, Solution Manager and Business Objects Systems in house for development, demonstration and education purposes
Cohesion’s SAP Products:
  - Cohesion Mobile for SAP
  - Cohesion Paperless Billing
  - Cohesion Excel Pricing Tool for Retail and Wholesale Distribution
  - Cohesion’s Goods Movement Upload Tool


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