Coinabul.com: Bitcoin to Gold marketplace

Coinabul.com is the first Bitcoin to Gold liquidity resource available to the Bitcoin marketplace.

Coinabul uses a proprietary system to secure your gold order at spot, making sure that you get the exact price you want.

The wise choice for long-term savings

Whether you're a transaction processor ("miner"), service operator, or market speculator, Coinabul gives you the resources you need to save your earnings wisely. We have relationships with reputable gold dealers, and special access to Bitcoin liquidity to enable live processing of your orders. In fact, Coinabul even utilizes a special shipping infrastructure to ensure that your investment arrives at your doorstep safely, and updates the spot price of bullion and Bitcoin once per minute. When you see the price on Coinabul, it's always up to date.

We provide the reputation nobody else can.

We've done our homework, and Coinabul.com is the only Bitcoin to Gold resource you should deal with. Without the legal foundation, financial backing, corporate status, and significant software development dedicated by the Coinabul team, a system like this would not be possible.

You probably know the saying: "When in Rome, do as the Romans do." In this case, that means you are storing your savings in tangible gold instead of digital or paper options.

Thanks for shopping at Coinabul.com, and we hope to serve you soon!