About CoinJelly http://www.coinjelly.com

The development of CoinJelly began in October 2013, headed by an expert management team including Ashley King (CEO/Founder) and a team of experienced developers and digital security professionals.

After becoming frustrated with the current standards for Bitcoin safety, the team set out to create the world's first insured Bitcoin wallet. Combining their broad expertise in fields such as banking, security, and software development, CoinJelly was born.

CoinJelly’s mission is to make Bitcoin user-friendly, easy to manage and easy to understand. With a real focus on usability and customer experience, CoinJelly’s product roadmap puts the customer first.

CoinJelly offers a one price solution with no gap in buy and sell prices. It charges 1% to process Buy and Sell transactions via Bank transfer, Credit Card, Western Union, and PayPal (sell only).

About Bitcoin

Bitcoin is a peer-to-peer payment system developed in 2009 by Satoshi Nakamoto. It is a digital currency that allows its users to trade across the internet in a standardised, secure format.

There are two ways to obtain Bitcoin:

•     First, Bitcoins can be bought and sold using real currency using bank transfers.
•     The second is to “mine” Bitcoins by participating in the exchange mechanism - put simply, users can connect to the internet and be a part of the distributed “puzzle solving” mechanism that makes Bitcoin so secure. Successful mining rewards the user with a fraction of a Bitcoin.

Also known as one of a number of “crypto-currencies” Bitcoin is by far the most popular and widely traded decentralised internet currency.