The team of the Investment Fund Nakamoto Capital is proud to announce Pre-ICO of its new project — CoinPlace platform. This is the first platform in the world that offers P2P service for direct trading of cryptocurrency of any volume or kind (bitcoin, altcoin, etc.) CoinPlace is eBay for the whole variety of cryptocurrencies and tokens. It is PayPal for new businesses based on the ICO model.

Now users buying crypto assets face a number of challenges: high service fees, loss of anonymity while working with exchanges, a time consuming verification process, complex user interfaces that most exchanges use (see, this one for example), and a very limited number of payment methods.
As a result people who are unfamiliar with the crypto market, get a feeling that it is impossible to enter the market off the street and that “this whole subject is too complicated and incomprehensible, you try to make sense of this crypto enigma” Founders of CoinPlace platform themselves walked the same path several years ago.

After studying the subject thoroughly they founded the Cryptocurrency Investment Fund Nakamoto Capital. Having been successfully operating for a year they have finally decided to hold an ICO of their own platform.

CoinPlace CEO George Blagov says “by the end of this year we are planning to operate with more than 100 digital assets, and in five years to hold more than 50 percent of the ICO tokens market and more than 40 percent of P2P crypto assets trading market.

The team of CoinPlace has a rather ambitious goal – to bring the crypto market into mainstream and to make it universally accessible.

The visionary and the founder of the project Stan Teo emphasizes the difficulties currently awaiting any participant in crypto economy. “Today only one percent of people in the world who have the financial resources can buy ICO tokens because they know how. With the help of CoinPlace we want to increase this number to 50-70 percent.

On top of that, people have to use several third party organisations (banks or exchanges) to buy altcoins with fiat currency. This means excessive service fees, a time consuming verification process and delayed reception of funds. CoinPlace platform allows anyone to trade crypto assets in just a few clicks directly avoiding the middleman. Moreover, any beginner will be able to buy any digital currency or tokens also in just a few clicks, and we will help them make an informed decision as to which asset is worth acquiring.”

СoinPlace is not just an idea, it is already a functioning product (at alpha testing stage). Its market already exists and is growing rapidly. CoinPlace business model implicates that it will meet operating revenue in six months.

In summary, CoinPlace provides an opportunity to securely exchange digital assets. All transactions are made directly between users, and the platform acts as an escrow. The project team ensures the security of transactions via smart contracts with minimal oversight of the buying and selling process.

“We are also implementing an innovational system beneficial to both buyers and sellers: it will allow to trade real crypto assets below the exchange price. We are now testing three radically new protocols that we plan to gradually implement in our project within eight months after launch of the platform” says George Blagov.

“We are going to change the whole crypto world for the better, and provide easier access to this world. For that we need to substantially simplify all operations for every participant of crypto processes to enable more people who now have no access to the crypto market to invest in an ICO” explains Stan Teo. “We will give them an opportunity to buy tokens not just with crypto assets as is currently possible, but with fiat money.”

CoinPlace is excited to announce that it supports almost every means of Р2Р payments: from interbank transfers to quasi cash and payments through Contact or WesternUnion.

Project leaders believe that precisely such a symbiosis of payment methods, fiat and crypto assets, the combination of simple and familiar with the new and complex, promotion of the Cryptoeconomics phenomenon itself, and informative explanation of its benefits, is the most direct way to develop the new digital economy – a new relationship between people and the crypto world.

Perhaps due to CoinPlace the crypto geek community will lose its aura of elitism, and the phenomenon of crypto knowledge will no longer be inaccessible and incomprehensible. Crypto economy will become user-friendly, uncomplicated, easy to understand and secure. At least that is what the members of CoinPlace team strive to achieve.

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