Welcome to Coins Boutique division of Art Of Craft.
Art Of Craft is a private company located in California USA , that was established in 2001 .   Art Of Craft is official dealer of the most important worldwide mints and issuing authorities. On our site you will find a selection of what we believe are the most beautiful, important and interesting coins among the thousands of issues that come to market each year.  Please note that product offerings by Coins Boutique are meant to be collector's items, and not investments that will necessarily increase in value over time, even though this is sometimes the case. Coins Boutique mainly sells Commemorative Modern coins and NCLT (Non Circulating Legal Tender) coins to collect or for investment. Any coin that is unusual, strange, precious (silver, gold, platinum), technologic (with holograms, prisms etc.) or with inserts like pearls, diamonds, gemstones, Swarovski Crystals, meteorites etc. perfectly fits our market. Some coins are officially imported by Coins Boutique as exclusive distributor for USA market.