ColdFusion Golf was started to bring a golf ball to market that would eliminate the confusion of  "what ball do I use when mine stops working in cold weather?"  

Do you use a ladies ball?  a two piece or three piece ball?  Low compression?  ColdFusion answers all these questions with a ball that has been tested in real life conditions with different levels of golfers.  From low handicappers to duffers, the ColdFusion ball resulted in improved performance when the weather dipped below 60 degrees or less.

The ColdFusion ball is a two-piece, 70 compression ball with a 338 dimple pattern.  This is one ball you don't have to be afraid to get cold, it actually comes "alive" when chilled.  Leave it in your bag, in your car, in your garage without worrying about losing distance or feel.

For more information or testimonials go to http://www.coldfusiongolf.com