Our team of professionals have nearly 100 years in the aviation industry. As each year passes our expertise sharpens and the bonds forged with industry colleagues around the world strengthen. As a result, our clients benefit from superior access to accurate market intelligence, and our genuine desire to serve others as a fiduciary.

Mission: To provide superior technical, regulatory, and financial guidance with uncompromising loyalty and unequaled results. Our expertise in aircraft research, aircraft evaluation and shrewd negotiation techniques are for the sole benefit of our clients.

Our Clients Come First. Our firm exists for two purposes, to be recognized as the best in the business, and to put the needs of our clients first. Our recommendations are unbiased because our revenue comes solely from our core business. As your fiduciary, we have no stake in the management, operation or maintenance of your aircraft. When your aircraft transaction is at its most critical moment we are on task, not in the cockpit at 37,000 feet.

Attention to Detail: Coleman Jet Solutions prides itself on superior client focus and a sense of urgency. With the rapid swings in the market, clients benefit from our prompt response and attention to detail. We look forward to creating your ideal aircraft solution.

Unparalleled Security: Coleman Jet Solutions is one of the few transaction specialists that carries Aviation Professional Services Liability Insurance coverage in addition to standard Commercial Liability coverage. This unique product, offered only by Global Aerospace, provides clients the peace of mind knowing that Coleman Jet Solutions stands behind it’s work, is willing to think outside the box, and go after opportunities on behalf of its clients that are unwilling to pursue.