Coleman Tech Charter High School (“Coleman Tech”) is a California Charter School.  The charter was first approved by the Board of Education for the San Diego Unified School District (“District”) on June 1, 2010.  

The vision of Coleman Tech is to build a collaborative learning community in which all
stakeholders are dedicated to the goals of academic achievement in a 21st century, technology–infused, rigorous and relevant educational environment. Ultimately, our vision is to establish a 9-12 high school that offers a comprehensive, personalized, community-based, technologically rigorous academic program.

Our Mission
Coleman Tech Charter High School will provide students with a personalized academic program that fosters individual talents and achievement in a 9-12 globally-connected, student-centered, and technology-enhanced environment.

Mission Defined
“…personalized learning environment…”
Given the small school atmosphere that CTCHS has to offer, students and faculty are connected in a variety of ways. Our twenty-to-one student to teacher ratio maximizes the number of quality interactions in class and allows teachers to honor individual learning styles. Daily participation in ROAR (advisory period) connects students with their advisory Teacher who guides them for four years.  

“… globally – connected…”
CTCHS students explore authentic 21st century world issues, and collaboratively hypothesize and apply solutions.  They experience the interconnectedness to their community and the world at large. The themes of the 21st century include: global awareness; financial, economic, business and entrepreneurial literacy; civic and health literacy. Specific skills include: learning, innovation, media, technology, life, and career. Understanding themselves and their connectedness to other cultures is the purpose of the CTCHS curriculum. Our rigorous and relevant academic content prepares students for college and beyond.
CTCHS students experience community connectedness in the following ways:
•     Partnerships with local businesses
•     Local and global community service projects
•     Opportunities to experience real-world leadership roles in a business-like atmosphere.  Ie project development, management, fiscal/logistical oversight, marketing and presentation skills.

Coleman Tech identifies that a technology-enhanced learning environment is fundamental for the 21st Century student.  Coleman Tech Charter High School will prepare their students to contribute productively in diverse society by building a collaborative learning community with a(n):
•     Culture that encourages risk-taking and critical thinking
•     Technology Enhanced Classroom Setting including a personal laptop for every student and Promethean Technology
•     Rigorous and Relevant Standards-Based Curriculum
•     Strong emphasis on computing(ie computer science and programming) throughout the curriculum
•     Opportunity to participate in a high-velocity business cycle  

Coleman Tech Charter High School PRIDE is all about how:
•     Learners feel safe and secure in their learning environment
•     Parents partner with the school in supporting and encouraging their children to make the most of their talents and abilities
•     Learning is personalized for each student by identifying their learning modalities and adapting instructional strategies accordingly
•     Tight alignment of standards, curriculum, and assessment promotes constant improvement of the educational program
•     Learners apply higher-order thinking and problem solving skills while making connections across various disciplines
•     Students are challenged to think in complex ways and to apply their knowledge and skills when confronted with unknown circumstances
•     Learners are held to rigorous academic and behavioral expectations
•     Students learn academic content through real-world examples making education relevant, collaborative, engaging, and meaningful to their lives
•     A low student-teacher ratio is maintained, allowing for stronger relationships, meaningful interaction, and the meeting of individual needs.
Coleman Tech Charter High School provides a multicultural, linguistically and racially diverse learning environment in which students experience educational equity and are encouraged to celebrate their own individuality. ALL students, upon graduation, are expected to have acquired the fundamental tools and skills to move seamlessly onto the college of their choice.

The 2010-2015 charter commitment to high academic standards lead to a focus on creating a college going culture that ensures that ALL high school students believe they have a capacity to qualify for and successfully complete a four-year college program. There is a variety of rigorous instructional activities in advisory and content classes leading to this outcome.