Coleman Unlimited LLC can take you from concept to completion, providing strategy, public relations, marketing, writing, media relations, graphic design, social media, multimedia and web. We’re your own personal in-house marketing department, available anytime you need us!

Services & Solutions
   * Articles
   * Press Releases
   * Project Management
   * Speechwriting & Video
   * Emails/Letters
   * Strategy
   * Marketing Copy
   * White Papers
   * Executive Summaries
   * Consulting
   * Executive Coaching
   * Publicity
   * Newsletters
   * Brochures
   * Conference & Event Promotions
   * Presentations
   * Public relations
   * Website Content & Design
   * Graphic Design

How We Can Help You
   * Build a website that will enhance your productivity and wow your customers and employees.
   * Create a marketing piece that people will respond to and remember.
   * Develop an identity for your organization, including logo, letterhead and business cards.
   * Add your new employees into the company photo, plus remove the two who just left.
   * Develop and implement that new marketing plan you’ve been meaning to work on… when you get time.
   * Redesign your e-newsletter and write it for you.
   * Help your CEO write a show-stopping speech, train him how to deliver it and design the presentation and/or video to complete the event.

Website Development

You want a great website…we delight in building it for you. Our goal is attractive and effective sites that exceed your expectations, grow your business, and make you look good. We can help you with everything you need, including planning your site, writing your content, gathering customer testimonials, and creating videos and podcasts.

   * Website Design & Programming
   * Strategy/Functionality/User Interface Design
   * E-Commerce Storefronts
   * Content Management System (CMS)
   * Interactive/Flash Presentations
   * Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
   * Writing page content
   * Programming: Java, Database Configuration, CGI / Perl / PHP and more

Graphic Design & Marketing

Promoting your company is critical to success. We provide start-to-finish assistance with graphic design and marketing, so you won’t have to babysit the process. We can be the inspiration you’ve wished for when you’re working late at night, or the secret weapon that earns you kudos with the boss. But most importantly, we can help you deliver high quality, on-target projects that will benefit your company.

   * Direct Mail/Brochures
   * Catalog Creation
   * Magazine Layout/Design
   * Online/Viral Marketing
   * Branding/Logos
   * Writing/Content Creation
   * Marketing Plans
   * Public Relations
   * Speech/Media Training


It’s a great time to be alive! We’ve watched our world expand with amazing new tools; we can create interactive presentations, videos and podcasts that expand your reach and draw more traffic to your website. Not only are these mediums effective and engaging, but they can help catapult your message to a new level.

   * Interactive/Flash Presentations
   * PowerPoint/Keynote Presentations
   * Audio Podcasts
   * Video Production/Web Videos
   * Storyboarding/Script Writing
   * Social Media Promotions