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AUGUST 8, 2012 – Beverly Hills, California:  For anyone who has ever attended a dynamic event with an unexpected surprise you know the atmosphere is alive with anticipation, and excitement, building up to that moment when the curtain goes up and Cole Wyatt Davis is standing there with everyone cheering his name. Bright, brilliant and talented is the best words to describe him. People are always waiting to see how he can help them with their business adventure.  Cole helps them from brain storming new inventions to helping businesses figure out how to meet their payroll. This way they save their companies with great ideas and process back with facts.

Imagine taking the scenario one step further. For months on end, The Breaking Free World Tour has been going on at different venues all over the globe. This man is speaking life back in to people after they wanted to quit give up and throw the towel in. How does he do it? Especially in a challenging economy, this can be frustrating to both audience and Mr. Davis. Then he does it again and again with great solutions, concepts totally out of the box thinking. He truly is one of the sharpest minds in business today.

Now imagine you have 15 days and then you will be losing everything you ever worked for!
That is when they always call in Cole Wyatt Davis time after time to save the day.

Cole Wyatt Davis and a team of professionals at Cole Wyatt Davis, LLC have conducted hundreds of successful business events in the last 15 years all over the world, ranging from small venues to large events. He treats everyone with the same respect.

Cole Wyatt Davis, LLC specializes in the highest level of service and integrity. He has always focused on being “The Working Peoples Advocate In The Business World Today”. His objective with a speaking venue is to bring light, hope, awareness and solutions to people that have been going through the struggles of this economy.  His main goal is saving lives of struggling families and keeping businesses healthy in a harsh economy.  The largest number of interested people are people needing change from a dying economic slide down hill,” says Cole Davis, CEO and Founder of Cole Wyatt Davis, LLC.  We are assertive and progressive with out of the box thinking. We use cutting edge technologies whenever we can, along with individualized goals with progressive steps and plans to help people. “ The benefit of this style of speaking venue that takes place in a centralized location is that it offers many solutions at one time,” says Davis.  The audience can sit in a controlled environment using the power and synergy of people around them who are asking Cole questions and helping to create solutions.  The audience still receives face-to-face interaction with him as he walks through the event fielding questions that the audience are asking him.”

Simply put, Cole Wyatt Davis is a one of a kind and a true caring and inspirational person that is a true business professional. He gives solid advice and facts to back it up.  He believes in empowering people to control their own journey.

Spotlight: Cole Wyatt Davis Author, Businessman, Golden Shield Medal Of Honor Winner
When it comes to business he has over 300 awards in business with several years of practical experience as a CEO, he is dynamic.

Businessman Of The Year Award
1989, 1992, 1996, 2001, 2005, 2011, 2012

International Businessman Of The Year
Award Winner of Over 300 prestigious business awards.

Top honors: In business education and business law programs

Internationally renown: as a strong businessman

Guest speaker: at over 1627 events

Golden Shield Award Medal Of Honor: Only 200 Americans have this award.

Author Business Books: 14 business books published

Author: One of the best motivational and inspirational true-life storybooks.
The book is called "The Cole Wyatt Davis Story"

Billions of Dollars: Worth of contracts and assets contracted, managed and executed the goals behind them. Fortune 500 companies seek after him all the time for his expertise in many different areas.

CAI: Highest level of asset recovery schooling you can have in the auction industry.  Less than 3,000 people in the world hold this honor.  He also is a certified appraiser and has testified as an expert witness.

Cover of several magazines, top news stories on TV and newspapers all over the globe.