Not since Gutenberg’s printing press has the publishing industry been so radically altered as by the digital reading revolution. The advent of ebooks has fundamentally changed the way readers discover, purchase, and consume books.

However, innovation around the content, itself, has lagged behind.
Particularly for adults, today’s ebooks are basically the same thing you’d find on a library shelf, just rendered in bits, instead of pen and ink. That’s certainly not a bad thing—we adore books—but couldn’t we leverage that same technology to enable new forms of reading and writing?

Coliloquy was founded on the belief that digital technologies can push the boundaries of how we think about narrative and storytelling. We publish all of our books as active applications, rather than static files, allowing our authors to build ever-expanding worlds through episodic, serial storytelling and engagement mechanics, like choice and voting, branching story lines, re-reading loops, and personalized content. The result is an incredibly fluid and immersive story-telling experience.

Coliloquy was developed as part of the Kindle Developer Program for Active Content. Our titles are now available on the entire Kindle family, NOOK Tablet, and other Android-based devices.