Every resource we provide to dealers or individuals is focused on achieving 100% happy customers, 100% of the time. This goes far beyond customer satisfaction and enters the realm of lifetime relationships based on true friendships between customer and employee. The heroes of our story are the thousands of graduates who have attended the College since 1992. As they implemented their new-found plans to love, serve, and be a true friend to each prospect they met, they increased their closing ratios, increased their gross profits per sale, and created their own stories of success in the automotive and lending industries. Today they are the owners, managers, leaders, and influencers of the industry and are helping to champion the positive changes towards higher profits through customer satisfaction and legal compliance.

The College's mission and purpose is to help automotive industry professionals reach their God given potential through unique "career" education, personal coaching, and daily inspiration.

Achieve phenomenal results by changing the way you think and perform at work. Automotive Career Training provides each student with their own "Personal Career Coach". Studies have shown that Coaching combined with training increases results more than 400%! Personal Coaches help our Automotive Professional Students (Salespeople, Sales Managers, F&I Managers) form goals, establish positive routines and commitments, follow through and achieve goals, measure progress and success, provide personal feedback and genuine friendship.