Collider Film LLC was created to produce the short film "Collider".  We are raising funds through Kickstarter to produce the film. If you would like to help make "Collider" a reality, you can visit our Kickstarter page at this URL: http://kck.st/ZJWpXn

Three friends find plans for the CERN Large Hadron Collider on the Internet, and decide to build one of their very own - despite a lack of training, skill, or expertise. Hey, why should particle physicists have all the fun?

In the film, our trio of friends has decided to tackle the building of a device that took the Herculean effort of thousands of scientists and engineers decades to perfect - a particle accelerator. The problem with building an instrument of science when you don't have the knowledge to understand everything that goes into it is that when something goes wrong, you have absolutely no clue what to do about it.

The film is being produced in Portland, Oregon.

Thank you for your interest in our film!