Increased exposure for client product with an aggressive media and public relations plan. Identified issues and found solutions to strengthen client's brand. Results: Between a 15 and 63 percent increase in their brand awareness.

Create strategies enabling maximum exposure opportunities for business clients. Successfully places clients with international, national and local media outlets. Raised $23 million commercial real estate company’s visibility by 47% through communications and social media campaigns. Company’s annual revenue increased 21%. Developed internal and external communications plans for company's stakeholders.

Develop crisis management plans and assist clients with crisis. Successfully managed international, national and local media inquiries for a top rated NFL quarterback following his indictment on federal charges. Successfully assisted other high profile athletes, individuals, small businesses and organizations thorough a crisis.

Build effective PR programs for clients. Created successful public relations campaign for a non profit on a shoestring budget, which generated $277,000 in fundraising for the organization and national name recognition.

Develop and execute successful social media strategies. Increased awareness for clients, including a large Commercial Recycling Initiative on social media sites. A 15% - 32% increase in “clicks” and “likes.”

Established Capital Campaign Initiative by marketing charter school achievements, which established over 5 new corporate sponsorships. Implemented county-wide “recycling and reusable” fair for charter school, which increased awareness of sustainability in the 3rd largest county in the state of Georgia. Marketing and Public Relations Initiatives helped bring in $300,000 for charter school foundation.

Manage team of consultants for client services and budgets up to $1.2 million. Raise tens of thousands of dollars annually in donations and sponsorship money for clients.