As a child the world appeared magical, exciting and joyous. The 60’s and early 70’s seemed complicated; installing doubt, fear and a crushing-blow to Spirit. Unresolved experiences, old paradigms of thinking and beliefs associated with these early traumas almost brought this one’s annihilation. The outside atmosphere became bereft of love, not symbiotic to My inside Truth. Escape by any means appeared my fate and only resolve. Bewilderment and despair stunted my emotional maturing and perpetuated continual failures.  

My experience with Colon Hydrotherapy began in 1973. The concepts I pioneered and expanding work during the 1970’s is the foundation-work which paved the way for many Colon Hydrotherapists to follow. Then, during the early 1980’s, I entered into a process of unraveling Methuselah's knot in my Heart. For many years I worked on self and then several more years trained in extensive and detailed Emotional Body-Work.

Having completed close to three decades of my own processing, training and understanding, this provides my foundation for the evolutionary concept of Advanced Colonic Techniques. Remaining accurate to my ground-breaking Colon Hydrotherapy work of 1977~1982, now identified as the original-work of Colon Hydrotherapy, I focus on the origins of Joy; Mechanics and Function. These substantiate credibility to what is coined “The Work”.  

This training is your personal development; we facilitate an emotional-process using life experiences to demonstrate, teach and learn, establishing a solid foundation for your success. The process is encouraging, supportive and challenging.

Discover why Best-Selling Author, Donna Gates says, “James Allred is an artist with precise and effective bodywork which goes to the source of how the body holds and why the colon won’t release, experience colonics from a Master.”