The mission of the Intraracial Colorism Project, Inc. is to investigate and report the existence and occurrences of colorism within Black communities throughout the United States, to develop strategies to eradicate colorism by encouraging positive and inclusive thought processes, views, opinions and behaviors; to educate all members of society of the detrimental effects of colorism and to encourage society to embrace the diversity of all people.

The purpose of the Intraracial Colorism Project is to study and report the effects of colorism on the thought processes, views, opinions, behavior, and preferences of the Black Community.

The specific goals of the project are:

•Identify victims of Intraracial Colorism within the Black community by geographic location
•Collect new data that may be used for additional studies on colorism
•Determine if intraracial colorism is a systemic problem in the Black community
•Identify the types of intraracial colorism acts that occur at a high rate
•Identify the category areas that include high rates of occurrences of intraracial colorism Discrimination
•Educate members of society of the existence of intraracial colorism
•Encourage community organizations, churches, educational institutions, employers and others to provide education and training about intraracial colorism
•Develop measures to propose, recommend, identify, and/or implement strategies, ideas, programs, education initiatives and the like that will help minimize and eventually eradicate occurrences of colorism within the Black community
•Coordinate efforts of independent researchers, researcher, subject matter experts, sociologists, anthropologists, psychologists to work on joint projects
•Develop a comprehensive documentary on intraracial colorism within the Black community that includes Black Americans in each of the 50 states
•Develop and produce the Journal of Colorism Studies
•Produce theatrical performances to help members of the community understand the detrimental effects of intraracial colorism within the Black community
•Bring together community members from various disciplines, occupations, education levels, age groups, and skin colors together to work towards developing methods to address colorism within the Black community
•Deliver an electronic magazine, “Colorism Magazine” that will provide information relative to colorism
•Organize community events and encourage community members to discuss intraracial colorism at community functions
•Develop and provide webinars on various intraracial colorism topics
•Produce the radio soap “Colorstruck” to help members of the community understand and identify Intraracial Colorism acts.
•Produce the play Colorstruck.
•Develop a volume of essays on colorism for publication.