Color Tyme Photography is owned and operates under the vision of John M. Billingsley III, He works with a team of talented photographers and vedogorphers. Every one on my team has a College Degree in photography and in video production and has worked on major film productions in the Cinema Industry and the Wedding Industry. All of my team members have Masters, BA, and PHDs in Photography, TV Broadcast, Communications, and Cinematography. My team are some of the best working professional in the Industry !
Color Tyme Photo is a team of photographers & videographers in Houston, TX area. We are committed to capturing and producing amazing images and videos that tell your story. We services the Houston area and will travel all over America and around the world to photographic your wedding destination, and to photographic your dream wedding day. Here at Color Tyme Photo we work with many different wedding planners & corporate event planners, venues, hotels & resorts all over the world so we have you covered no matter where you want to have your dream wedding.
Color Tyme Photo is also the winner of the 2014 Weddings in Houston Bride’s Favorite Award.
Color Tyme Photo is a unique studio based in Conroe, Texas but serving the greater Houston area, Richmond, Sugarland, Katy, Spring, Galveston Area, The woodland and Lake Conroe areas.
John has a Bachelor of Arts in photojournalism that is the foundation of his understanding of embracing the moments of life through amazing images that tell a story. John’s love of people and making new relationships with them and learning there story help him become a better story teller through his photographic images.
He aspire to make every experience, fun and enjoyable for every one around him. He tries to capture ever last memorable moment no matter how small the detail is to be able to create lifelong dreams that become family works of art that will last the test of time. Some of John works of art have been shown in art gallery all over the USA and are in high demand.
John believes strongly in being professional and offering the best customer services and customer support that he can do. Customer services is very important to our business, with out good customers you will not have a business.
John is a member of  Lake Conroe Chamber of Commerce.