At Columbia Gem House, we’ve been building the world’s largest mine-to-market supply chain for ethical gems since 1976. We mine and cut on three continents and also manufacture our jewelry right here in the United States. We work with governments, non-profits, and other gem miners and cutters around the world to ensure safe workplaces, fair wages, ethical sourcing and environmentally-responsible gem mining.

If you’ve ever talked to us, you know we’re passionate about gem quality too. We’re very proud of our innovative faceted gems, cool cabochon stones and beautiful gemstone beads. There’s nothing we love more than showing you a cool new shape, color or variety: inspiring designers is totally our thing.

We’re honored to be the gem supplier of choice for designers and jewelers who want gems that are beautiful both inside and out, from independents who buy a few gems a year to large operations who commission us to custom-cut thousands of carats at a time.

We’re committed to giving you all the information we have on every gem we sell, even for the varieties that we don’t mine or cut. That’s why we created the world’s first fair trade gem protocols. Whether or not you buy from us, we hope you’ll join the fair trade gem movement and demand safe cutting factories, safe and environmentally responsible mines, and fair wages for the people and communities who mine and cut these natural treasures.

Together we can make fair trade gems the rule, instead of the exception.