About COMDOM Software

COMDOM Software develops security solutions for the digital economy. Our objective is to provide innovative and effective solutions for fighting spam, viruses and malware slowing the growth of integrated networks.COMDOM Antispam offers high capacity spam filtering for Linux servers and is designed for the requirements of ISPs and large organizations.

COMDOM Software is ProWeb Consulting�s daughter company. COMDOM�s developers have significant experience in building high performance network solutions. In the past they worked with ESET on the development of the widely used NOD32 platform for Linux mail servers. ProWeb Consulting, a.s. has been also developing and supplying information systems for the Armed Forces of the Slovak Republic.

About COMDOM Antispam

COMDOM Antispam is a high capacity platform designed for the requirements of ISPs and other large organizations facing spam from the increasingly complex interconnections to the internet. COMDOM is a powerful Antispam system operating as a stand alone mail gateway with relay control, authentication and load balancing support. The system consequently can be used together with mail servers or as a stand alone gateway for several mail servers. The robustness, flexibility, and the high data throughput capacity of COMDOM Antispam allow for the software to be deployed for a range of solutions.