Our Mission Statement
Engineering & maintaining commercial buildings to be comfortable carbon neutral environments.

Comfort International Inc. Company Philosophy

Most HVAC contractors in the industry are generally in the business of installing new units with very little attention and skill in quality preventative maintenance services.  Comfort International Inc. is a very innovative performance company with our core competence being servicing and maintaining commercial buildings to be comfortable and carbon neutral environments.  Having that as our mission in life has enabled us to create a company with the expertise and motivation that you can trust to maintain and be a company you can count on to keep your buildings comfortable and energy efficient.

Additionally we have our own in-house licensed Professional Engineers to assist our technicians as a team to ensure we fix the problem correctly the first time.  Having our own engineers working in our team environment enables us to ensure there is no problem we can not solve quickly and efficiently.  This engineering group also is here to help monitor your energy consumption and look for cost effective ways to lower your energy usage so that your building can provide a carbon neutral environment. We can typically reduce your energy consumption anywhere from 20% to over 50% and do so in a turnkey guaranteed basis with paybacks usually between 1-2 years.  We even have the expertise to turnkey LEED certification and EPA Energy Star Award level certification guaranteed.

Highly Skilled Technicians with personal service

This company philosophy is why our team is comprised of some of the highest quality skilled technicians in the industry.  We hire the best and continually provide ongoing training to our staff to ensure that they are the most qualified to service your buildings.  Your building will be managed by an area manager whom works in the field managing a local based group of technicians.  Our area manager and account manager will always be at your service to explain proposals and provide superior customer service.  We make sure that the area manager and a number of technicians are familiar with your building so that you can always trust that an experienced technician whom knows the specifics of your building will be the one both maintaining and responding to any emergency service.  All of these technicians are provided a full stocked commercial van which they take home so that they can respond immediately afterhours for any emergency.  We guarantee a two our response for any emergency repair request 24/7 every day of the year.

Comfort International Inc. has the resources to be your sole source HVAC and Energy Service Company.  Since we only focus on companies that we are typically servicing and maintaining their
equipment we can always make sure that we have the right resources and the same knowledgeable technicians you can trust 24/7.  We can provide competitive cost in those rare instances when equipment is beyond is useful life yet unlike a typical HVAC contractor whom replaces equipment as their core focus you will not see turnover of technicians familiar with your building. Our staff takes great pride in maintaining your equipment as if it was their own. Being a service focused company our technicians always are ensured of full time hours so that they can focus on looking for more preventative ways to keep your equipment at peak performance.

Efficient CI Network with a Benchmark Focus

Comfort International Inc. is an incredibly efficient company with a computer management system that provides us with low overhead yet also enables us to create a benchmark focus in our performance.  All of our technicians are equipped with a mobile computer with wireless communications to our Comfort International Inc. network.  This enables us to send service requests and information to our technicians efficiently.  This also enables a much more effective way to store and deliver documentation to you to eliminate the need for paper. We track all of our clients repair costs by building by unit along with your energy consumption.  This enables us to have our management focused in the areas they need to be in order to keep your building comfortable at low repair and utility costs.

This information is not only used to better manage your building but also is used to reward and advance our technicians. This provides an environment where everyone knows that they will be advanced and rewarded by the same metrics that you are hiring us to reduce, namely HVAC repair costs and energy costs. The technicians’ whom do a better job at those metrics are the ones advanced in both pay and positions. That creates a completely difference focus when they are performing maintenance on your HVAC equipment.