Jon Pirincci has been a stand up comedian for over twenty years and has seen hundreds of comedians and performed with some of the top comics in the country like Jay Leno. The problem is most people think that Stand up comedians have a funny great life,when usually they don't. He was inspired by the passing of Robin Williams,because he did not understand why he did that to himself. Did not make sense. That's where Comics Karma comes in. Jon and the comedians wanted others to know the real side of being a comedian.

They will tell you how and whey they made others laugh,got through horrible depressing times,but made it in life living their dreams.

You will hear stories from the best comedians like Steve Wilson from the DL Hughly show, Judy Carter,one of the top comedy/ motivational speakers in the world. Ritch Shydner (Producer,author and comedian). Steve Mazan(Emmy award winner from the Ellen show),Grace Fraga who was on The Steve Harvey Show, Karen Ronowski from Letterman show and even Rick Overton who worked with top stars like Billy Bob Thornton and Matt Damon. They all have been on major TV and talk shows, films and national commercials. After you listen to the shows you will laugh,learn about their lives and live a better life of your own. Then the good Karma will come your way and you will have a better life also....living the life you want and deserve!