TMT Aviation School is approved by joint aviation authorities(JAA),international civil aviation organization(ICAO), and civil aviation authority of the philippines (CAAP)

The TMT way of education is characterized by passion and understanding. The school is a place where community feeling is experience, where people live together without fear of one another, and where a free and creative exchange of ideas stimulates the learning process.

Backup by its competent officers starting from the Chairman of the Board down to the management officers and staffs , TMT has envisioned to provide quality services to its students/enrollees and trainees in flight operation. TMT Aviation is maybe new as an organization but the founders and officers have more than enough knowledge of the aviation since they came from various fields of the industry. Its management is compose of experienced personnel that has years of service in handling administrative matters and operations.

The country’s best flight training instructors form the core of the Cooperative manpower in terms of pilots and aircraft mechanics. Support services relative to aviation flying school is also provided by TMT AVIATION. This includes a modest accommodation package to all foreign students (food, laundry service, and transportation included.

Our Courses are;

* Private Pilot License Course (PPL Course)
* Commercial Pilot License Course (CPL Course)
* Instrument Rating Course (IR Course)
* Multi Engine Rating (MER)


Students of TMT Aviation enjoy twin-sharing hotel amenities like accommodation in Manila; Philippines’ major tourist destination. This creates safe, conducive learning and living environment enabling students to focus on their aviation studies. TMT management & officers look into students concerns thoroughly through regular personal and group meetings and forums.

Training Starts At Your Convenience!

International students should arrive two week before the scheduled Ground School begins. Domestic students should arrive one week before the scheduled Ground School begins.

To apply, all students must:

   * Send copy of  passport (Domestic students and International students).

Capt. Benjamin Acosta
Manila Office- Unit 202 Jolliland Condominium 670 EDSA, Pasay City, Metro Manila, Philippines
E-mail: aviationlinkasia@email.com
Mobile: +63-9162874709