Each year, organizations spend billions of dollars to help sales organizations ‘hit the number .’ Recruiting. Hiring. On-Boarding. Training. Coaching. Re-training. And training again.

Yet when you ask almost any sales leader, they admit that their on-boarding and training programs are two of their weakest areas. Huge effort and expense goes into Kickoff events, new product launches, refresher courses and training. But every sales leader and marketing exec can tell you with great frustration how reps just don’t seem to retain that information.

And they’re right.

In fact, studies have shown that in the typical sales training session, sales reps forget 90% of what they’ve been taught within 30 days.

The cause of the problem, however, isn’t the student; it’s the way we’re teaching. That’s where CommercialTribe, the first social learning platform built by reps, for reps, comes in.

Our cloud-based application allows organizations to upload and manage presentation and training content dynamically, so that any changes in products, marketing, or messages can be captured and delivered to your sales team when they need it, not just during a sales kick-off event. Your content, script, and video all sync, creating what we call a Scenario. The Scenario is then published to your sales team, who can observe and practice in their own private Workspace.

So you’re probably wondering – will they practice?

Across our client portfolio, data shows that sales reps are practicing an average of 6 ½ times. When was the last time your reps practiced anything?

CommercialTribe enables your sales teams to work, practice, and share real situations in real-time. It’s mobile. It’s social. It’s the first real breakthrough in sales team training since the dawn of classroom teaching.

Welcome to the new generation in sales productivity. Come learn more at www.commercialtribe.com.