Commoot helps brands by supporting brand awareness initiatives, as well as creating a stronger and more tactical campaign for clients. Beyond becoming a new platform for OOH media, Commoot plans to innovate in a few other ways. Commoot is one of the first platforms to allow quick and seamless OOH campaign creation through a marketplace website.

Commoot uses proprietary technology to track a very large amount of data through camera technology, machine learning, artificial intelligence, and geographical information systems, and more. Our technology can allow corporations, cities, and other organizations to make major decisions more easily through the use of our data.

Commoot benefits brands by ensuring their ad messaging reaches audiences more frequently, for longer, and in a way that does not allow the user to become “blind” to the ad message.

Commoot takes your Out of Home marketing budgets further with more insight than traditional billboards can provide.

Commoot benefits brands of all sizes grow their awareness and convert new customers by reaching them where other mediums of advertising simply can not.