Compadre is a transport packaging design center that offers design and engineering services, with full in-house prototyping and testing capabilities.

The dictionary tells us a Compadre is a “close friend or associate, a companion.” Our name and logo say who we are…a partner, an ally, a trusted friend. We say that about our customers, suppliers, employees, advisors, and all of our stakeholders, and we work to have each of them say that about us. Our core purpose, “Helping others make a difference” says it all.

Compadre values three cultures. We lead with “Never Say No.” This does not mean we always say yes. But by not saying no, we always seek to explore opportunities and possibilities to help you. Then, as a team, we “Relentlessly Pursue a Different Way.” We could have said a better way, but that would limit the possibilities. Finally, we honor our team with “Stand Up, Be Counted, and Buy In.” Each of us is always called upon to stand up and be counted when we have something to say, but then everyone buys in.

We maintain customer relationships with the most demanding companies in the world. Our customers include Fortune Global 500 companies, as well as regional US manufacturers. Our history has taught us what large companies not only command, but require. We learned to run with the big dogs.

Branders and manufacturers use Compadre for designing, engineering and testing packaging for their products. Large companies use Compadre to assist their internal teams, usually when solutions are required quickly or there is a need for customization. Small and medium companies draw from our big-company experience to provide innovative, all-in-one solutions that improve branding, drive down total costs and improve customer experience. All companies, both large and small, look to Compadre for rapid, cost-effective transit testing.

Consultancies, such as industrial design, marketing and advertising firms use Compadre as a resource for packaging expertise, allowing them to offer a complete service to their clients that includes engineering prototyping, testing and new package introduction.