Introduction about Compareboss.com
Compareboss.com is a portal for online shopping that provides facility to its users to compare the prices of different products available at their store online. The site has the objective of enabling the shoppers to purchase the product desired at the lowest available price.
It provides a platform for the best prices and products that are available thus saving the time and money of the shoppers. The website also provides useful ratings and reviews of the seller and the product to ensure the authenticity of the seller.
It also helps you in completing the transaction of purchase by directly sending to the seller’s website buying page. There is no need for the buyer to visit the websites of different sellers or online stores but instead visit our website and make your shopping easy and convenient.
Our website compareboss.com deals with different brands and products. One can wide variety of product categories like laptops, tablets, mobiles, books, watches, camera’s, accessories and others on our website. All categories are further subdivided into brand, type and accessories.

How to use our website
Suppose if a shopper wants to buy a smartphone of Samsung brand. There are many online stores and websites offering promotional prices for the same product. But the buyer will be confused and afraid to choose the seller as he may question about their reliability and authenticity. Compareboss.com solves this difficulty of the shopper by giving him comparison of the product prices from different reliable stores available online. It also provides complete descriptions about the product and the seller. With compareboss.com the shopper need not worry about the reliability of the seller. The privacy policy of our website also ensures no disclosure of personal information to the third party. The personal information collected by the website will assist in getting the right information and taking appropriate buying decision.
The website is very user friendly and easy to use. With the help of search function one can get information about their desired product and brand, compare the prices and take decisions.