Comparecourse.com is a training comparison website that gives users a unique opportunity to compare open training courses, get a training quote, search for a range of individual trainers, access training companies who deliver bespoke training courses and advertise and bid on tenders, all in one place free of charge.

Our mission is to bring together professional buyers and sellers of training into a single marketplace that covers the United Kingdom, saving time and money for buyers and developing opportunities for training providers.

We plan to change the current confused marketplace by making the purchasing of training simpler and more effective.

Compare Course
The team at comparecourse.com has many years experience and expertise within training and education, communications, media and business services sectors.

They are highly skilled in SEO, E marketing, business development, corporate communications, marketing and the use of information technology. The team has a very strong track record of producing results over 25 years.

Marc Cross, Director, has extensive experience of working with and advising companies of all sizes, and has lead teams contracted to help businesses grow. Marc works with a team whose expertise in B2B business development, marketing and communications are used by companies across the United Kingdom.

Peter Gill, Director, has an established award winning business, with an experienced team of designers, developers, project managers in communications and marketing. Peter works with a number of high profile organizations across the UK, in both public and private sectors.

Peter Fortune, an adviser to the board, has extensive business mentoring experience and has undertaken business in more than 20 EU and Eastern European countries.

Editorial and Design
Comparecourse.com has an experienced web design and editorial team who manage everything from website design and content, to search engine optimisation, advertising and marketing.

Comparecourse.com has established a network of experienced and professional advisers working with business and organizations across the UK.

Our associates are in daily contact with managers buying and delivering training throughout the UK - helping us shape our offering to over 7 million leaders and managers across England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.