Compass Creative Media is a promotional advertising and marketing agency that specialize in developing and implementing creative ideas, strategy and products that strengthen your brand and increase your revenue. Compass Creative helps business development through brand recognition, publicity campaigns and marketing collateral that make your messages hit home. Take a look at our portfolio and see what we can do for you.

The Compass Mission

To put it simply, Compass Creative Media strives to be the best – and we work hard to get there. The most important aspect of any marketing campaign is proving its effectiveness; which is why our team is experts in tracking the right metrics to ensure your messages are reaching out and resonating with your target market.

What makes Compass Creative Media unique is our relationship based approach. Success is something all parties involved have to share. So we engage every one of them. From our employees, clients, communities, press, suppliers, you name it -  we listen to their stories; we share our own; and develop long-term relationships that are mutually beneficial. We treat our stakeholders as business partners because they are.

Our team is a collective of experts. We understand a brand’s needs and excel in developing the tools to meet them. We are passionate, driven visionaries that love what we do. Our office is a bustling space of laughter, brainstorms, strategy sessions, mentoring and a collective push to reach higher every day.

Clients return to us time after time, thrilled with their successes, and eager to build on them. We work with clients to develop the ideas and strategy needed to create tangible effects. We take the time to ensure our projects are working, and if the numbers aren’t trending right we fix it. Because great marketing is more than clever design. Great marketing makes your brand bigger, better known, more credible and as a result your bottom line grows too. Our services are designed to bring you value; and we pride ourselves on our ability to do so.

Our clients have big dreams, and the determination to see them through. They’re dynamic, can see the big picture, and embrace change as a driver for innovation and success.  When a new client comes in we work with them; we stay in close contact and explore the ins and outs of their organization to develop the unique campaigns and one-of-a-kind products that brought them to us in the first place. At Compass Creative we find a way to make your dreams a reality.

We leverage the expertise of our suppliers to maximize value for our clients. Suppliers become our specialists – they aid in the strategy and product development process to ensure that our objectives, and those of our clients, are met using the highest standards and best practices.