Complete Body is one of the only privately owned and operated clubs in the city, the founder prides himself in having a clear picture of the needs of our members.

CompleteBody 10 Hanover Square: Our flagship club at 10 Hanover has reopened after being destroyed by Hurricane Sandy. Formerly exclusive to Goldman Sachs employees, the club boasts upgrades, which now cater to the entire downtown community. The 30,000 sq. foot space at 10 Hanover Square is equipped with cutting edge technology and facilities, with a focus on enhancing the body from inside and out.

CompleteBody 19th Street: spans 3 levels, including an upgraded fitness and weight floor, group fitness studio, massage rooms, tanning booth, and a juice and snack bar. Feel the energy and excitement of being in a motivating environment when you step through the front door.

CompleteBody 57th Street: is our only single level location, boasting a full fitness and cardio floor, pool, physical therapy clinic, Pilates reformers, group fitness studio, spa/massage services and sauna rooms. The perfect place to get a workout, swim and relax in our outdoor deck, all in the middle of the city.