We made Complyrs to help California businesses with environmental compliance

California has long been home to the country’s most stringent environmental regulations. As regulators have sought to improve air and water quality, new regulations affect smaller organizations that lack the resources for dedicated environmental staff. Complyrs is a first-of-its-kind software with pre-designed compliance task management for California’s most widely enforced regulations. These programs include hazardous materials and waste, underground storage tanks, emergency engines, stormwater and the California Environmental Reporting System.

Easy California environmental Compliance management
if your California businesses is subject to:

California Environmental Reporting System (CERS) reporting
Local Unified Program Agency
California Air Resources Board (ARB) rules and regulations
Local air district rules and regulations
The Department of Toxic Substances Control (DTSC)
The California Industrial General Permit (IGP)
Local stormwater requirements
Most environmental software packages are enterprise-level applications that require substantial expertise to implement. Complyrs is designed to help someone with little or no regulatory experience implement a successful environmental compliance program. Our target customer is a fleet manager, facility engineer, or a human resources professional that has been handed environmental compliance as a collateral duty. In keeping with the needs of this market segment, Complyrs is affordable and includes a free option.

History of Complyrs and Rely Environmental
Complyrs is built on the expertise of nearly two decades of successful environmental consulting at Rely Environmental. Rely was founded by Scott Storms in 2002 after working as an agency inspector. In the brief time he worked at the agency, he saw numerous small companies where environmental compliance was an afterthought. It wasn’t because people didn’t care. Environmental compliance was just not part of core business functions and had to take a back seat. Furthermore, there were no professional services available to step in and pick up the slack, at an affordable price. Rely was built around servicing this market segment. Complyrs provides the expertise and structure required to stay in compliance with environmental regulations but leverages the Software as a Service model to keep prices low.