Faced with a world in seemingly constant disruptive flux, Compostmodern, the bi-annual conference for sustainability and design, will gather visionaries from around the globe to explore design’s role in creating a more resilient world.

Over the course of two quick-moving, inspirational days, an incredible roster of artists, visual designers, brand strategists, interaction designers, product designers, architects, futurists, sustainability consultants, intrapreneurs and entrepreneurs from across the public, private and nonprofit sectors will tackle vital questions surrounding Resilient design:

How can we envision and design social, ecological and economic systems that strengthen society and meet our increasing challenges?
How can we apply radical creativity and imagination to remodel and renew systems?
How do we retain optimism in the face of disruptive change?
How do we live as more fully embodied human beings?
How do we move toward doing work that has more meaning?

Resilient systems embrace change, rather than resisting it — they morph, bounce back, and continue to develop. They’re flexible, redundant by design, and locally tuned, offering the potential to work in harmony with both our environment and our societies.

We're living in a period of seismic changes. Our systems and institutions, once thought to be permanent, are in turmoil. Our planet faces increasingly dire ecological issues. Designers are responding to these complex predicaments with practices and tools that can help us rebuild and re-envision how to make the world work better for everyone.