With more than 40 Years in business and thousands of installations worldwide, CompuDAS provides Control and Data Acquisition for the world's finest manufacturers. Our industrial Control Systems are built on experience and maintain a proven track record of reliability and performance. Expandable and customizable, our systems can meet your most demanding requirements, including current applicable industry specifications such as AMS-2750 and BAC-5621 as required by the aerospace and composite industries.

CompuDAS systems work with Ovens, Autoclaves, Presses and many more types of manufacturing equipment.  With a full featured software control and monitoring package, we provide the control and data acquisition resources you need.  Our platform offers data files in CSV, a common Excel compatible format.

CompuDAS industrial control systems are at work in thousands of installations worldwide. Hardware and software improvements have been built on experience and a proven track record of system performance. Our systems thrive where others' don't survive.

We pride ourselves on our service to existing customers. If a problem is encountered after we install a system, we respond immediately when we receive a call. Our service department takes our customers’ needs seriously to have their equipment operate around the clock, without downtime due to malfunctions. Time is money to manufacturers, and we understand that.