Computer Direct Outlet has been a custom-builder of performance workstations such as game enthusiast systems, consumer and business class computers, and business servers, a parts retailer and service center operating in Greenville since 1998. We offer an amazing lifetime labor warranty on every custom-built computer which supports our environmentally friendly and sustainable practices of being transparent with technical information and life extension though cost-effective maintenance and upgrades. We have over 20,000 parts in our in-store inventory, service mobile devices such as tablets and smart phones, and do data recovery, backups, and transfers as well.

Computer Direct Business is our dedicated business sales and service division providing the best hardware solutions and networking services for your unique business needs. Our focus is in the sales and service of high quality affordable, custom-built business class computers, professional workstations and business servers for small to medium businesses. Our professional workstations deliver work-optimized performance, stability and reliability to serve the technical needs of graphic designers, engineers, architects, animators, video and film editors, day traders, product designers, and many more.