Computer Repair Charlotte:  Our passion is to deliver technology solutions TO YOU. If you need computer repair, network configuration/troubleshooting or VOIP setup, give us a call. We will be upfront with you about the total cost of fixing your computer--no surprises. Our rate is $75/hour with a $50 onsite fee. We offer flat rate solutions for those problems that are too time consuming.  Call 704-749-2235 to schedule service.  Checkout detail of our services below!

Computer Cleanup
(Viruses, Spyware)
Is your computer running slow? Do you have popups all over the place? Did you accidentally download a buggy program? Are weird things taking over your mouse? We can fix these problems by cleaning the viruses and spyware off of your computer. In most cases, we can ensure that ALL of your data is preserved.

Connection Troubleshooting
This is probably the MOST common problem....not being able to get online....not being able to print to your network printer. While it seems this would be the easiest fix, often times, there is something more complex and permanent that keeps knocking you regularly offline. We will diagnose and fix these issues for you, so that your work day isn't interrupted by regular periods of unproductivity.

PC Support
This is the main focus of our business. We want to help you keep your PC up and running. PC's are now like what car's used to be for people. Almost all of society has gotten to the point of not knowing how they will "get around" without their computer. For this reason, we want to be here for you, when your computer needs a complete overhaul or just a fine tuneup.

Operating System/Software Upgrades
Whether you are on a Windows or Mac or OpenSource operating system, we can help you upgrade to the latest version, or downgrade to the version you were more comfortable with. We can also install software for you and show you how to configure software to best meet your computing needs.

Data Recovery
Ever lose something to a "computer crash" or MISPLACE something that you CANNOT find on your computer? Your computer's a big place, but most likely, your data IS NOT LOST! You just can't get to it. We offer a data recovery service that will undo the panic over "lost" data.

Email Configuration
Simple huh? This is one of the things we cover in the "Fix it Yourself" section, but sometimes there is just ONE little tweak that keeps your email from working like it should. We can help you configure your email and also show you how to use programs such as Outlook to configure your email in ways you never even knew were possible.

Network Setup
Want to connect everyone to print to the same printer? WIRELESSLY? Want to share an internet connection all over your house without messy wiring? We can help you to get the most efficient network setup without all the confusion of complex connection settings and endless cables.

Network Troubleshooting
Already have a network configured but it just dropped offline for "no reason?" We can help you figure out what went wrong and show you how to keep it from happening again.

Onsite PC Repair
The emphasis here is on ONSITE .... Sometimes we are just too busy to make our way out to a computer repair shop. This is why our service provides you a way to stay in the comfort of your own home and have US come out to YOU. This also allows us to determine if there is a network or internet connection that is contributing to the problem.

Software Installation
Again...simple huh? But sometimes a software installation just doesn't want to "take." It could be possible that you have a conflicting program installed on your computer. Or maybe you want to uninstall something you don't need anymore and don't really know how. This is where we can help you. We will complete the installation and followup to make sure that it is working as you expected.

Virus Removal
This may require a reinstallation of your operating system, if the virus as taken over your computer. Sound daunting? Not to us! This is our specialty. We know how to attack the viruses and completely eliminate them from your computer.

VOIP(Vonage, etc.) Installation/Troubleshooting
Voice Over IP Technology is quickly gaining ground. Soon, all homes will be utilizing VOIP just like most homes now have HIGH speed internet access. If you have Vonage or some other VOIP service and you can't get them to come out and help you install or troubleshoot your hardware/connection, give us a call. Most likely, it is just a small connection problem, or a matter of it being plugged in to the wrong "hole" :-) Because VOIP is so new and the VOIP providers are so few, THEY are busy SELLING the product, NOT supporting it. Give us a call and we can help.