At Concena we use open source building blocks to create software solutions that help our customers address their many and varied enterprise document management requirements.

As Nuxeo's first North American partner, with more than three years' experience with Nuxeo, we are uniquely positioned to help our clients.

We offer consulting services to help define, build, and deploy general and special purpose document management solutions. We develop purpose-built applications (e.g., the Equipment Maintenance Assistant) that leverage Nuxeo as the document management foundation. And our integration and migration tools (Integration and Migration Toolkit) help facilitate migration from Lotus Notes and Domino Document Manager to Nuxeo. We've also developed an enhanced Microsoft Office integration, making it easier to create and file documents in the current Nuxeo context.

We are passionate about the promise and reality of open source and open standards. It's our firm belief that the open source development model has the ability to produce products and solutions with a velocity and stability unlike traditional commercial vendors.

Our over-arching objective is very simple: deliver what we promise!