All of Concorde’s business units focus on assuring regulatory compliance; determining that employees are medically fit; creating a safe work environment to prevent work-related injuries and illnesses; and maintaining, protecting, promoting and restoring employee health. All of our projects involve medical examination and laboratory result data management.

Companies select Concorde based on our proposal. But they stay with us because of all the value we add, so much of which is difficult to quantify -- but even harder to live without. The longevity of our customer relationships in such a competitive industry is one of our best differentiators.

Concorde is a better choice if you want to add value to your employee screening program and not just minimize the visible cost of the service.

Concorde is a better choice if you want your operations to be streamlined and work with a proven vendor to make it happen.

Concorde is a better choice because we continuously introduce new technology, with a higher priority on simplifying things for our customers than lowering our own costs. We routinely anticipate our client's needs and develop custom applications at no expense to our customers.

Concorde is a better choice if you want not only a vendor, but a partner to assist you in meeting your Company's compliance goals.

Concorde is a better choice because our model is not to be everything for every type of company looking for our services. Instead, our model is to do anything for anyone of our clients.