Con Couture brings together the best collectibles and fan-ware that the Convention world has to offer.  We carry all your favorite memorabilia as well as higher end geek couture for cosplay and everyday.  Our items are pre-screened for quality and unique appeal.  Any shop can bring you the same old convention items, but not every shop can provide the Con Couture!

Con Couture is owned and operated by a husband and wife team in sunny Florida!  Jon (the husband) has always been a gamer and lover of all things Marvel, comic books, and geek.  Laura (the wife) didn’t realize that loving the Lord of the Rings Trilogy, wanting X-Men powers, or killing waves of zombies on Call of Duty made her a geek at heart too.  Their furry child Jesse (a 3-legged Chihuahua) somehow puts up with both his parents' shenanigans, but still refuses to wear the awesome Star Wars Tauntaun Costume they bought him for Halloween.

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