Conklin Healing Within offers a variety of healing sessions, including Conklin Method Cellular Cleansing; Hypnotherapy for stress relief, weight loss, or personal reasons; Private Training with Patti, Past-Life Regression; Spiritual Coaching, and more. All of our sessions are offered in person or via Skype live video.

PattiConklin.com and Healing Within, Inc began in 1995. I started the company after a visitation from what I perceived to be God, to leave my job as Southeast Director of Canine Companions for Independence and to begin walking the path I had been asked to walk as a child. My focus, has been to help people “become insubstantial without transitioning.” For me that meant, how to help people become unconditional beings without having to die to do it. I may or may not be on the correct path! I rarely advertised during that first year and yet my business grew and grew beyond my wildest imaginings. The focus of what is now Conklin Healing Within is to help people understand Quantum Physics, how to comprehend that we are all particles that vibrate. For every word and emotion that is less than unconditional, then that particle stores within the human form, becoming dense, congested and begins a process of disease. The more you have those thoughts and behaviors, the more dense ( lack of frequency flow) your body becomes, almost as though you get the straw that broke the camels back… disease begins. In order for your body to return to health, it needs eastern and western medicine. Rarely does one piece work on it’s own.

The emotions/behaviors must be released from your cellular structure. In the 1980′s before I began this work fulltime, I had been diagnosed with both forms of Lupus, an incurable, untreatable disease. I again received a visitation and was shown how to move color through my body to remove the lupus….nothing happenned! Then I began to realize that I had to put the emotional component in. I was a Type A personality working in a Ph.D level position with only a high school education. Talk about self-worth issues! So I began asking my body what color I needed to increase my self-worth, and what color did I need to remove the Lupus. That was in 1986. Within a year, my blood was perfect and has been ever since. We test it yearly to verify.

The mission of this company is to help people heal, either physically, emotionally or spiritually. While metaphysicians will understand the frequency/energy component of the work, this company is really for those who have not yet been involved with vibrational medicine, those whose linear minds have thought that this kind of work is “airy fairy.”‘ We have a complex group of practitioners who for the most part, are linear thinkers. Traditional Western Medical Doctors reach out to us because even though they have incredible technological devices, most of them understand there is a piece that we have yet to understand. The emotion/behavior that is store within the peptide of the cell itself. We are able to provide that missing piece of information in a concise, intelligent manner that allows people from all walks of life to understand.

- Patti Conklin, Founder and CEO of Conklin Healing Within, Inc