New Video Classified Ads platform is first upgrade to this genre in many years.

Tampa, Florida, October 14, 2019, It was only a matter of time before the online classified ads industry joined the digital age. Static photo ads have become stale and obsolete. They are often touched-up and don’t represent the real picture of what is being sold.

All that is changed with the impending launch of Connechub.com. Now it has become an easy task to just whip out the cellphone and take a video of the item being sold and post the video to this new video classified ads platform. Prospective buyers will get a real-time look of how the item really looks now, not a long time ago.

Connechub is a unique peer-to-peer social marketplace that allows users to post video ads to list a job, promote their business, announce an event, unbox the latest item, and/or sell their stuff. The company reports that with Connechub, users can literally post an item for sale in seconds, browse what’s for sale in their area, communicate with the seller via email and as a peer-to-peer platform users can also leave a comment on the ad.

Connechub.com is 100% free and doesn’t charge sellers a fee for listing their items in most categories. However, there are a few categories/subcategories that do cost to post an ad. There is a minimal charge to post: Job Postings, Housing Postings, Sales (Automotive, Tickets) and Services.

Video Ads have a post life of 30 – 45 days. There are no limits to when, where or how many times users can post items, just as long as that Video Ad is posted in the right category. Posting items is easy and simple. After creating an account, users can follow the steps shown to create a post in 1 minute or less.

At the present time, all videos posted to Connechub are limited in size to only 100mbs, but that will be expanded in the near future. Photo Ads are NOT permitted. Connechub is a unique local peer-to-peer social marketplace that allows users to Post Video Ads instead of photos to list a job, promote your business, announce an event, unbox the latest item, or sell your stuff.

The team at Connechub have made it extremely easy to use their site. On each ad there is a “Make an Offer” button. Once a buyer presses the button an email box will pop-up with the email address of the seller so that the buyer can send the seller an offer to buy their item or services. Once a buyer offers a price that is acceptable, it’s easy to start the process of arranging a meet up via email communications. There is no formal way to "accept", just let them know you're interested in their offer. Find out when you're both free to check out the item and then make the exchange.

For complete information, visit: https://www.connechub.com/

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