California, USA, September 17, 2020: Today, we are pleased to announce the launch of ConnectBud platform in a revamped version - the world's first freelancing platform exclusively for students. The platform focusses on the career development of students, and making it easier for new-age companies to find the right talent to execute their projects.
Unlike other freelancing marketplaces that are generally for veteran professionals, ConnectBud is the only freelancing platform dedicated to the exclusive needs of college and university students. With ConnectBud, students don’t have to compete with veteran professionals and can easily secure real-life projects to work on based on their skills.
ConnectBud has the vision to empower 10 million students in their career growth by 2025. With the addition of new features in the platform, students can easily find paid freelancing, internships, part-time, and full-time opportunities. ConnectBud gives every student an access to work on global projects basis their field of study. On the other hand, companies can make full use of this platform to connect, hire, and recruit candidates from the largest network of highly skilled college students from various streams.
Features of ConnectBud:
•     An analytics-driven platform: Our algorithms help students identify the latest trends, areas of growth, top skills, etc., in their industry.
•     Student-focussed: Only students are allowed to participate in freelancing, internships, part-time and full-time opportunities.
•     Social and interactive platform: It’s a place where students can ask questions and share their knowledge with others.
Take a moment to discover the features of ConnectBud by visiting the newly launched website of ConnectBud.

About ConnectBud:
ConnectBud is the world's largest free to use student freelancing platform. It is a powerhouse of talent where employers can pick the brightest students from top colleges worldwide to execute their professional projects.