Connectfamily is designed to provide the control and privacy needed for real family affection and relationships, ensuring a thoughtful foundation needed for comfortably sharing your real life with family.

Connectfamily provides families and their loved ones to remain emotionally connected and strengthen the family bonds across generations. It's a most valued place for you to build your family, group or chosen network; to share your most precious moments, news and updates about the important things in your life.

Family is what matters most to us and this site is all about the memories that families would build together…..

Key Features

Share updates, photos, memories, and and family news with your family across generations and geographical boundaries.
Establish meaningful connections with their distant family members and come together at the click of a button.
Keep track of everyone’s activities with a fully customizable family calendar. Avoid the agony and embarrassment of realizing that you’ve forgotten any important Day. Send automatic email or text reminders so no one ever misses a date.
Keep family stories alive for generations to come. Keep your family's stories, photos, news and more alive and safe for future generations.
Exclusive chat app-CLAN auto & customized group within the family
...and many more such features
At any rate, if you are looking for a way to stay in touch with whole family and to have your own exclusive private social network for family… go and check this out.

Connect family and share the cherished moments of lives among only great assets – Family.