In a nutshell, Indian franchising market is all set to break records as it is projected that US $ 50 billion will be touched by 2017. Approximate 45000 thousand companies comprise of small, medium and large sized could create in forthcoming years as Indian market has enough potential and space for new entrants. According to FAI KPMG India is figured as one of the favorite destination to invest. International as well as national brands leverage all possible ways available to expand visibility, and develop new products and services to gain customers attention. To add more, India’s population is growing at rapid rate and so is the economy and with that several industrial sectors is also expanding produce unmatched revenue and generate employment opportunities as well.  
Connect Franchise - A path to build next generation business, a top-notch company specializing in franchise consulting services garnered enormous public attention through its aim to develop 300 websites. It is a campaign started by Connect Franchise to build a network of professionals under single platform. It is record breaking achievement because no company has done till date. The company targets India’s new generation to support Start up campaign initiated by government. Connect Franchise headquartered in Indore has done tremendous work to explore new franchise business opportunities. In coming years the company can be listed as top business creation platform.
New campaigns
The idea of developing 300 websites is suddenly click to Mr. Prashant Kulkarni, pride director of company. To implement into practical world, a campaign called “Channel Partner India Opportunity” started recently to support India’s young generation to build a better business environment. To add more, Channel Partner India, a subsidiary of Connect Franchise is launched to give power to channel partner building objective.
Up till, last five months, thousands of young professionals were added on Connect Franchise campaign. The platform offered a lot of business options for small, medium and large sized enterprises as well. At present we are in golden age as technologies renovate daily life and industrial sectors with great acclaim. With rising living standard, consistent changing consumer preferences and spending demand for branded products and use of global brands are key factors contributing to franchising.
Upcoming projects
FranchiseIndia.co.in is a new website which will be launched in coming months. It is one of the innovative products develop by young team working effortlessly to help young entrepreneurs to couple their business with digital platform. One of the unique features of this new products, you can create your own company’s profile with the help of various options available on website. In addition there are newer specific franchising categories to be uncovered in coming months. Company’s director Prashant Kulkarni is excited to begin online business platform as soon as possible. One of company’s recent success, Witty feeds chairman visited company’s headquarter and delivered few words of motivation. In coming months there are few latest technology coupled products are to be launched which transform whole franchise business segment.
Director of company claims that franchise industry is at sunshine sector, lot of volume is still left for new innovations. As far as franchise categories, apparels and food sectors dominated with US $ 20 billion revenues generation, followed by jewellery US $ 5 billion, electronics US $ 12 billion and so on. Thus in coming years there might be raining franchise business opportunities. In recent months Connect Franchise is focusing on exploring newer franchise categories which are low price; even small pocket entrepreneurs can find way to start new business. It goes without saying that Indian franchise market is booming at present and shine like gold in years to come.